Sunday, August 28, 2011


After work on Friday we went to Folly Beach to see the craziness. The waves don't look that big until you see surfers. 

It was a little dangerous because of all the boards with nails floating in the water. At one point a palm tree fell down just a couple feet from us. The seas were rough but this was pretty much the end of the storm for us, so we headed home.

We went to Edisto Beach on Saturday morning and it was gorgeous. There was no humidity and the breeze was amazing.

I ran across the Turtle Patrol who were helping a baby loggerhead sea turtle make his way out to into the ocean.

He made it! The little guy look so excited to see the water!

I also found some beautiful starfish! The folks from the Turtle Patrol said that they were from Florida because we don't usually see this kind around here. It was sad because they died when they were washed up. I hated think that so many animals were crashed around all night. I'm glad we get a warning when these storms come our way. Either way I collected the starfish and some shells. I hope to use them to decorate around my house. Hope you had a safe Saturday!

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