Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Flowers

Walking along South Battery, I came across some beautiful gardens. How ironic is the lantana growing in the storm water run off drain? Of course our sidewalks are beautiful, it's South of Broad. 


  1. Hi, I saw your kind post on ESB in reply to my letter to her for some help in the midst of health/ wedding planning and just wanted to say thanks for the offer of help. That alone has made me feel... capable!

  2. Nicole! You are beyond capable. Brain tumors suck. My dad had one about 10 years ago and he went into surgery 3 days after my sisters wedding. Although it was a tough tough time for our family, I look back at that time fondly because we really came together. You prioritize stuff that matters and then rest falls by the way side.

    About your rehearsal dinner... If you feel like you might want to use These Mason Jars, I will ship them tomorrow. Seriously, let me know how I can help.