Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coastal Kitchen

Just when a tropical system rolls around I get to thinking about the change from Summer to Fall. The months that end in "R" are almost here! The change in season brings a transition from low tide crabbing to shrimp baiting and oyster picking. I'm anxious for oysters, but I'm also trying to be fully present in every moment. No need to go wishing time away right? 

On the last weekend of August I want to make a lowcountry boil. I couldn't go crabbing on Sunday because I missed low tide and I'm almost certain the crabs won't be biting this weekend. Hopefully we can stop at a seafood store and pick up a mess of crabs to go with the shrimp we have. We'll be going whichever way the wind blows us this weekend. Literally.

Below are a couple items I have and love, as well as a couple I really want. I never thought I would love a coaster so much, until we were given the nautical map coasters for our wedding. I am totally ga ga for those fish measuring spoons. 
They are gorgeous and practical! What item is a must have in your kitchen when cooking seafood?

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