Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old Bluffton

Coburn's Liquor Store, circa 1939 is the oldest liquor store in the state of South Carolina. On the heels of the national repeal of prohibition moonshiners and folks from Hilton Head would come to Coburn's to buy liquor for the weekend. Janie Coburn said the red dot used to stand for hours of operation - sun up to sun down. J.F. and Janie Coburn kept a pistol under the counter because people would wake them up to buy a bottle of liquor and you never knew who would show up.  

Murray Sease of Shine on Art painted the quaint liquor store and when I saw it in the Society of Bluffton Artists  gallery I knew couldn't live without it. After my mom and I bought the painting, we went for a glass of champagne at Vineyard 55. Dad drove up on his new Harley and we talked about our dear friend Graham Bullock. Graham passed his motorcycle on to my dad and wrote of this liquor store in his old newspaper the Bluffton Eccentric. He reminds us to cherish the days we have with one another as well as the heirloom establishments we have in our town. Our part of the world is a rapidly changing one, sometimes we need to sit back with a glass of wine and appreciate our surroundings. 

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