Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flowers

Irises are sentimental because they were my maternal grandmother's favorite flower. Every time I see some I want to buy them. The irises are so delicate and open up perfectly. Don't the flowers remind you of the Brit's with their fascinators?

This morning I put them in a little julep cup that was given to us for our wedding. Did you know that toothpaste helps to polish silver? I did it this morning and it worked wonders. Do you have any secret cleaning tricks?


  1. My dad taught me to clean out glass with denture fizzies. I had no idea. On another note. My grandmother loved hydrangeas, thus, anything with hydrangeas on it, I purchase. Have you seen the newest "print your own" invites at Target? They have blue hydrangeas all over them. Trying to resist buying them but will most likely fail. :)

  2. The invites sound precious. Are you going to use them as invites, or print something of your own on them? Target is so hard to resist...