Thursday, February 6, 2014

C'mere and Give Me Some Sugar

Y'all are sweet as pie. C'mere and give me some sugar. These are a few things my sweet grandmomma says all the time. My grandmother can bless your heart in the most sincere way. Completely different than the way folks are saying it nowadays. The minute you tell her something unfortunate, she's blessing your heart. Like a little songbird, she's going around making a melody with her southern sayings. When we were little she'd start singing "A Bushel and a Peck" or "Hush, Little Baby" as soon as she could convince us it was bedtime.

Sweet as Pie - Odd Daughter Paper Co.

I intended to write about cards, but these sayings are bringing up memories of visits to my grandparents house. It makes me want to whip up some creamed corn and butter beans. Or just make a giant glass of sweet tea. As for the cards, my granddaddy will be receiving the card with the jam jar on his next birthday. He's been putting up peaches and pears for as far back as we can remember. 

Belle and Union

Belle and Union is one of my favorite stationary companies. I featured them here last year, but they're still cranking out amazing pieces. The folks behind Belle and Union have a story that will make you want to grab your valentine. He's a soldier, and she's an artist. He's a yankee boy, and she's a Southern Belle. Together they make gorgeous cards in Texas.

The South Print - HardInk Calligraphy

I love this print by HardInk Calligraphy. I'm really starting to think I should make a gallery wall with my favorite southern prints. These pieces are way too pretty to send off and never see again. It'd make for an inspiring office wall, and day-dreaming of my sweet grandparents would be pretty awesome too.

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  1. I love the way your write. You make we want to sip sweet tea and eat pie. Thank you for your post. I look forward to every word you say.