Friday, March 15, 2013

Rebuilding after a Hurricane

Labor day 2011 brought Hurricane Irene. We love extreme weather and as long as it didn't come crashing in on us we figured we would enjoy it. We spent our weekend between Folly Beach and Edisto Beach chasing big waves and collecting shells. The storm breezed by, and the Lowcountry got off easy. On our way home Mitch and I talked about how lucky we were. We tried to decide what we would change about our lives if given the opportunity, knowing it would effect all things related to it. If you could change the school you went to, you would have to take back knowing all the people you met along the way. We both came up pretty dry and we were both very happy with our lives. We loved each other, where we live, our friends and our jobs. Mitch mentioned how our families had pretty much been spared from major heath issues. I compared it to a hurricane. After a while you know you are due, and in the meantime you are happy and grateful to have the life that has been given to you.

Three weeks later we found out he had cancer. My young, sweet, amazing husband was diagnosed with the rare and highly aggressive Burkitt's Lymphoma. We went to the doctor and he was immediately admitted in the hospital where he stayed for four months. All the while, I tried to maintain this blog and some sort normalcy. As Mitch's condition worsened my positive thinking and blog content ran dry.

Now that the storm has passed it still takes a while to shake the feeling that something bad may be around the corner. The past year has been one of healing for both of us and life is finally starting to feel more normal. Sadly, the blog post you are reading was started in November 2011. It's certainly been a long time coming! In any case, things are good (and cancer free!) and I have finally come up for air. It just takes a while to rebuild after a hurricane.

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  1. So glad you all have been able to come up for air after that terrible hurricane. Love you both ... such strong people.