Sunday, November 17, 2013

Belle Maison Art

Art is such a personal purchase, and it's one you will live with everyday. Sometimes I struggle with balancing different types of art in my house. I get excited about one medium, just to realize it might be dominating the other pieces. I currently have four illustrations of fish in my living room, and now I am drawn to these gorgeous prints by Belle Maison Art

Antique Crab Plate 1903
Antique Seashells 1800's

I've been looking for some office art and these pieces are just right. I especially love the crab print. The Rainbow Swimming Crab is a much sassier version of the Lowcountry Blue Crab I know and love. I can't imagine catching a mess of those little rainbows. It would certainly add some color to the next crab boil! I've also been on the hunt for a good oyster illustration… but that's obviously an entirely different obsession.

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