Thursday, April 18, 2013

Island Hopping

This week has been pretty crazy and the recent events around the country have been a reminder to seek out more quiet moments. In celebration of Mitch's birthday, I took yesterday off and we went to Edisto to do some fishing and island hopping. We headed down early and spent more than 6 hours on the river before seeing another boat. With life being so busy, the quiet of a river can really recharge your batteries. I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday. 

After we caught a few fish, we tied up to an island and went exploring. Mitch was checking out a dilapidated old dock, while I found pieces of broken pottery and animal tracks in the pluff mud. 

We found a clearing in the woods and a big oak tree. I came across an old glass bottle marked "No Deposit, No Return, Not to be Refilled". I did a little research on the bottle and it appears to be around 50 years old. It really makes me wish there was a message in this bottle! Edisto is always a "reset-button" for me and I am certainly grateful for the mid-week adventure.

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